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Simple velocity to Volumetric Flow Calculations.

Simple volumetric flow to velocity Calculator

How can I quickly calculate the flow velocity in a pipe if I know the pipe size and the volumetric flow rate?  Example = Let’s say I have a volume flow meter (oval gear meter) and it is showing me that the flow rate is 100 GPM flowing in a 4 inch pipe? What will be the velocity in m/s (meters per second)

You could use the formula:

v = Q / A

v is the velocity of the fluid, in meter per second (m/s) or v is the velocity of the water, in meter per second (m/s)

Q is the volumetric flow rate, in cubic meters per second (m^3/s)

A is the cross-sectional area of the pipe, in square meter (m^2)

Or you can use an online calculator

Note: This calculator is designed for incompressible liquids and the output values volume flow are an uncorrected flow rate. If using an inferential type of flow meter, a Reynolds number compensation should be applied for greater precision.

Why is it important to know the velocity of a fluid in a pipe?

Pipe velocity is the speed at which fluid flows through a pipe and is usually measured in terms of m/s or ft/s, considering the pipe inside diameter. The velocity.

There are several answers to this question but when it relates to flowmeters that can be used on different pipe sizes, the specification describing the limitations of the meter are often expressed as a velocity unit e.g. m/s

When choosing a meter, it is important to look at the application. For example, if the flow rate is very low, then it is important to know the minimum velocity at which a flow meter will begin to work at an acceptable accuracy. The same can apply to high flow rates. A meter may have mechanical limitations which make it impossible to measure over a certain velocity.

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