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What is a sanitary flow meter?

For a start, these meters differ in construction from your typical type of industrial flow meter because they have to meet certain requirements in the way they are designed and constructed. The most important criteria is the prevention of a product being contaminated by the flow meter itself. The “wetted parts” of the flow meter must always be clean. If this is not possible, then the meter must be easy to disassemble and assemble for out of process inspections and cleaning. Sanitary flow meters are well known in the food & beverage, dairy and life sciences industries.  

Sanitary Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Food Processing and Beverages

Electromagnetic flowmeters measure flow in conductive liquids. Basically, the fluid must contain minerals. Clients benefit from our local consulting services i.e. selection of a flow meter to suit the process application. Magnetic flow meters are popular and have a large installation base in the Philippines, even in the food and drinks industry where they are often used to control the flow of juices. We have supplied our products to integrators who do the complete food grade plant design and controls and also directly to end users.

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