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What Flow Services We Provide?

Our organization has teamed up with several prominent flow meter designers, suppliers and manufacturers. We are independent and are not tied down to one technology, manufacturer or solution. We realize that there is no universal flowmeter to satisfy every application. All flow technologies were designed for a purpose and each company has it’s place in the flow measurement realm. In the light of this, we are able to consult with technically experienced international providers who are ready to assist in the selection and implementation of their devices

Flowmeter Validation Checks In-House or at Site Location

Measure flow in any size pipe. We have equipment in the Philippines to measure smaller pipes e.g 1/4 inches. and large pipes e.g 40 – 250 inches. Whether you are in Manila, Cebu, Davao, or General Santos – this equipment can be used at site to give a better indication if existing flowmeters are working or in many cases, where a flowmeter does not exist.



  • No Need to Cut Pipes

  • No Need to Stop the Flow

  • Measure Flow from the Pipe Surface



Cooling Water Flow Measurements, Oil flow rates, Chiller Water Flow, and Small and large pipe flows. Almost any liquid application and any pipe. No need to cut the lines or stop the process. We are using EESIFLO Clamp on flow meters.

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Over the past ten years, we have successfully conducted flow surveys all over Asia. This includes refineries, chemical plants, water pipes in buildings, sewage treatment plants, and laboratories. We stock rental equipment to measure both small and large pipelines. Our meters and sensors can measure liquid flow from ¼ inch pipes up to several meters in diameter.

If you have your technicians but are unfamiliar with how to use a clamp-on flow meter, rent one of our meters, and we can also provide “live” training at our facility’s flow meter loop in Quezon City. This includes training on the menu system, how to position sensors, locate the optimum measuring position, data log, and retrieve the flow measurement data for downloading onto an Excel spreadsheet. The training is valuable when operators want to achieve or confirm that they have obtained the best results, which can be ascertained by understanding diagnostic data in the clamp on the flow meter. If you want to hire a flow meter, they are generally available immediately for pick up from our office, but training will require at least three days’ notice.

Pump Performance Testing

With our tools, it is possible to conduct pump performance testing at the site with an EESIFLO clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters test flow meters. The manufacturer’s specifications can be tested without stopping the pump, cutting the pipe, or interrupting the process.

Pump performance can be tested at lower and higher flow rates.
We are verifying the “actual pump performance” on the site without having to install a permanent flowmeter. This is very convenient for operators, especially when the pipes are large or difficult to modify.

Flow Services

Metro Manila, Palawan, Bohol, Rizal, Bulacan, Laguna, Cebu City, Sorsogon, Quezon, Zambales, Davao City, Sarangani, Samar, Leyte, La Union, Cagayan De Oro, Dapitan, General Santos, Butuan City. Ilo-ilo.

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