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Fire pump systems installed in ships and in fact in various industrial settings are valuable assets to ship owners and managers. This is because personnel are able to handle emergency situations onboard a vessel when a fire has broken out. These pumps MUST work when there is a situation where water is needed by pumping large volumes of liquid to extinguish a fire. Common types of pumps used in marine applications are centrigual. Why use a centrifugal pump? It is because the pump has an ability to pump water through the pipes at high velocities handling not only water but water and foam. Multiple fire pumps are installed in cargo and passenger ships where there are main fire pumps and emergency units as auxillary options in case of the failure of a main unit.

Our customers often need to periodically check whether or not the pumps are performing to their specifications. An EESIFLO portable flow meter is a perfect addition to all the other instruments used on such tests. The flow rates and velocities can be verified on site, since the flow meter is portable, and battery operated. In some cases, it is not possible for an outside flow technician to board and in these cases, we invite the customer to train on how to use portable flow meters in our facilities where flow rates can be simulated and the technician familiarize themselves on how to take measurements and to verify if these measurements were done correctly.

How are flow measurements conducted on site video demonstration

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