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Ultrasonic Flow Meter


If you are looking for a reliable portable ultrasonic flow meter in the Philippines that always works, then look no further. One of the advantages of the Portalok 7S ultrasonic flow meter are it’s proven track record and it’s thousands of reliable measurements in almost every imaginable clamp on flow application for liquids. The ultrasound based flow meter is extremely popular in flow surveys because of its ability to conduct speedy measurements with minimum user knowledge. The battery powered flow meter works straight off and you will be getting accurate flow rates for water, wastewater, chemicals, oils and solvents within minutes. No clumsy set up issues and fumbling about trying to obtain an ultrasonic signal. The ultrasonic meter is able to pick up low signal ultrasonic waves and interpret them using cross-correlation techniques and advanced ultrasonic flow meter signal processing.

How does the Ultrasonic Flowmeter operate? How does it work?

An ultrasonic flow meter uses sound waves above human hearing levels to measure flow rates in liquids and gases. There are several ultrasonic flow measurement technologies available in the market which include transit time flowmeters and Doppler meters but the most useful technology by far is the transit time method. This is a short training presentation on how the ultrasonic flowmeter works. In the video showing the Sonalok 7s ultrasonic flow meter you can see how there is no entry of any probes or obstruction to the pipe. The flow measurement is conducted using a truly non-intrusive method where the ultrasonic transducers are placed on the outside wall of the pipe that flows. The auto-zero function means that it is not necessary to stop the flow in order to measure the zero offset.

 Looking closely at the video you can see that ultrasonic sensor A is placed at the upstream side of the flow and sensor B at the downstream side of the flow path. The ultrasonic flow meter sensors send thousands of pulses backwards and forwards between the sensors and a high speed counter picks up the transit time and converts this to a flow velocity. 


How ultrasonic flow meters work? The answer in a short one minute video by EESIFLO on delta t and transit time technology.

We work with our partner EESIFLO to provide the most comprehensive flow measurement solutions for liquids. EESIFLO is a manufacturer of clamp-on transit time cross-correlation flow meters for liquids. The Ultrasonic Flowmeters will measure volumetric flow rates of any kind of water. Unlike magnetic flowmeters which require minerals to operate, the ultrasonic flow meter  manufactured by EESIFLO will measure liquids irrespective of their mineral content. This includes demineralized water (demin water), de-ionized water, ultra pure water, chemically treated water, solvents, acids, oils and any liquid that allows sound waves to pass through them. 

EESIFLO’s cross correlation ultrasonic methods also enable the flow meters to work in applications where other ultrasonic flow  meters have failed. This is where EESIFLO has excelled with it’s advanced signal processing and correlation techniques which are a great advantage to simple phase shift technologies which are limited to clean water and pipes with perfect surfaces. The ability for the ultrasonic flow meter to measure dirty water e.g. wastewater and sludge make them stand apart in greater usability and wider flow applications. 

To find out more about how we can provide assistance with this technology in the Philippines, do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration on our latest flow meter designs. 

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