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When it comes to chemical measurement in small pipes, one of the most common types of flow devices that measure flow accurately are PD Meters and Coriolis Flow Meters. One of the popular ways for a viscous liquid application is to use a PD Meter. There are several types of PD Meters available in the market such as the Oval Gear Flowmeter, Rotary Vane, and nutating disc. An economical solution to a flow measurement for chemicals with a reasonable ROI is an Oval Gear Meter.

A company in Tarlac opted for Oval Gear, simply because it met the budget in a batch control situation for a chemical flow that required both accuracy and repeatability. To protect the Oval Gear Meter from damage, a strainer was added.

6 Industrial Applications for an Oval Gear Flow Meter
Chemical Flow Measurement
Used to measure fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, and heavy oil. Giving the flow rate and volume or totalized flow of chemicals that are used in batching applications. A preset volume of a liquid can be set using a batch controller. 
Energy Efficiency 

For engines and boilers installing an oval gear flow meter in the supply line and the second unit in the return line. This way, the total net fuel usage in an engine or boiler is calculated.

Hydraulic Systems

These meters are common sight in lubrication system and hydraulics. They can also be used with our sight flow indicators.

Pulp & Paper

Paper finishing chemicals dispensing. Wax applications, perfumes, chemical sprays and adhesives and acids.

Food & Drinks 

Syrup injections in main beverage lines, batch control for volumes of candy coatings and cooking e.g. Vegetable oils, coconut oil, and palm oil. 


Various applications onboard a ship, especially in the engine room and areas where hydraulic system and lube oil systems operate.

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