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Types of Wastewater Flow Meters

What kind of Wastewater Flow Meter types are common in the Philippines?

The answer really depends on several factors, some historical, some technical and some commercial. If you are looking for a wastewater flow meter it is wise to consider first of all what you expect from it. Is it going to be permanently installed and powered by mains voltage or is it battery operated. You also have a choice of portable or hand-held devices for spot checks and flow surveys to retrieve flow data in various locations. 

Here are some other factors for consideration.

Is the flowmeter necessary for compliance. In other words, does the flow meter need to meet some kind of regulatory or environmental standards. Probably the best or most popular kind of flow meter for use in pipes carrying wastewater will be Magnetic flowmeters.

An Electromagnetic Flow Meter is a simple solution, and the technology has been trusted for decades. The Magmeters will normally meet the flow measurement criteria and they are easy to install and easy to understand. Even though many other flow technologies have come in to play, the Magmeter still maintains its position as a reliable flow device for both low and high velocity measurements in wastewater.

When buying any kind of flow meter, it is often important for the buyer to have some way to speak with the supplier about the performance of the flow meter. Every kind of flow technology has its advantages and disadvantages, and no flow meter is exactly the same as another. The very fact that flow meters require calibration proves this point. In addition, consultants and contractors involved in wastewater treatment plant pipelines and systems are very busy thinking about the overall usability of the system they have implemented. We can configure the flow meters to range settings that meet the requirements before shipment and also assist in troubleshooting erroneous readings due to malformed piping configurations, cavitating pumps and even problems with flow meter electronics. 

Verifying Flow Rates

Doing this normally requires a portable instrument that is able to measure either clean or dirty liquids. We have a range of portable flowmeters in the Philippines which we have rented out to companies all across the nation including, Boracay, General Santos, Bicol, Siargao, Misamis Oriental, Mindoro, Bukidnon, Makati, Cavite, and Quezon City. 

Water Balancing

Whether you are measuring flow in rivers or some kind of open channel using v-notch weirs, palmer-bowlus flumes or even open channel doppler velocity flow meters it is important for the technicians to understand where and how to take measurements as well as familiarize themselves with how to operate the equipment. Companies who cut costs buying the cheapest equipment online are bound to face issues and doubts regarding the flow data, especially if it is uncertain whether or not the measurements were carried out by qualified personnel with the correct technology. 

The image above shows an EESIFLO  Doppler Flow Meter clamped on to a wastewater treatment plant pipe. This pipe contains small air bubbles and solids (Wastewater) and the flowmeter is measuring the volumetric flow accurately. However, these types of doppler flow meters will not work well with clean water e.g. drinking water. They also require a minimum flow velocity. If the criteria for the doppler flow meter is met, then the application is not a misapplication. We carry several types of ultrasonic flow meter technology which includes simple phase shift meters, dopplers and cross correlation transit time technology.

Contact us for your flow measurement need especially if you need to measure the flow of wastewater, sludge, effluent, and any application that is clean or dirty. We have special discounts to universities in the Philippines who are conducting experiments related to environmental issues.

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