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Airflow Capture Hood

Kanomax TABmasterTM is the perfect tool for accurate supply and return airflow measurements. Interchangeable hoods make it a snap to sample the air for any duct size. The unit is lightweight and easy to handle. The full colour screen can be tilted so it’s at the optimal viewing angle at any height. Model 6715 equips a removable handheld micromanometer with Bluetooth® wireless capability.

Airflow Capture Hood

What kind of flow meter can be used to measure the air flow in an air conditioning system in the Philippines?

The are a choice of air flow meter technologies in a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

A. Pitot tube

B. Orifice plate

C. Thermal

D. Magnetic

E. Flume

The handheld devices are often difficult to use and a better solution these days (if appropriate) is to use a balometer.

We are suppliers of flow metering solutions for air conditioning applications. The capture hood or balometer can be directly positioned at the outlet of an air condition /vent. The aircon air flow sensors are placed inside a volume (capture hood) and make it very easy to measure the air conditioning volume flow.

Economical with all the features you want

  • 23 to 2530 cfm (40 to 4300 m3/h) measuring range
  • Simultaneously measures and displays airflow, temperature and humidity
  • Displays the direction of the airflow as we ll as the velocity
  • Removable handheld micromanometer with Bluetooth® wireless capability (Model 6715)
  • Advanced storage feature allows you to store multiple measurements under a single ID#
  • Lightweight design makes one-person setup and use easy
  • Six hood sizes make it easy to pick one that fits your duct size
  • Built-in back pressure compensation ensures accuracy for large volumetric flow measurements
  • Temperature compensation sensor increases accuracy for all airflow measurements
  • Competitive, economic price with professional-grade features
  • Full color display will tilt feature is visible at any angle
  • Includes: Standard hood, carrying case,AA batteries, user manual,communication cable for PC, PC software and calibration certificate

Pivot tubes and Velocity-Grid are availability from Kanomax.

Portable stand: extends up to 6.9′ from top to base The Bluetooth® feature can send data to any Android-based device.


  • HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing.
  • Air volumetric flow measurements through registers, diffusers and grilles.
  • Direct readout at supply and return airflow.
  • Air velocity measurement in the duct.

Airflow Capture Hood


Airflow Capture Hood

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