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Level Measurement




What kind of level indicator do you require and when should you use different kinds of technologies to solve a level measurement solution.

HAWK develops and manufactures level measurement equipment based on different technologies such as, Acoustic Wave, Ultrasonic, Microwave and Radar.  We can supply level indicators and transmitters. Whatever you need in level instruments, probably Hawk has the answer. 

What type Industries use the Hawk Level Gauges?

The company has a distinguished record of success in the application of level, positioning and flow measurement technology, and the provision of expert services which range from the provision of instrumentation and technical assistance, through to implementation and ongoing asset management. Our close cooperation with Hawk Level as their supplier in the Philippines helps us tackle not only the simple level measuring applications but also some of the more complicated ones.

  • Blocked Chute Protection Switches
  • Continuous Level Transmitters
  • Sonar Bed Level System
  • Point Level Switches
  • Magnetic Level Gauge
  • Machinery Anti Collision systems
  • Machinery Positioning systems
  • Pressure and Level Transmitters

Sultan - Flow and Open Channel Measurement

  • Flow range: 10 cc/min to 15 liters/min; 0.003 to 4 gpm
  • Accuracy (at 30 cP): ± 0.3% of reading over a 100:1 range
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 414 bar (6000 psi)

Gladiator Admittance Switch

Point level switch for detecting the level of powder, liquid or slurry.

Water Meter
Positive-Displacement Flowmeters
Turbine Flow Meter
Vortex Flow Meter
Thermal Mass Flow Meter
Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Magnetic Flow Meter
Flow indicators and Flow Switches
Air Flow Meter
Open Channel Flow Meter
Flow Switch
Mass Gas Controllers
Level Measurement
Wastewater Flowmeters
Coriolis Flow Meter
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