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Doppler Open Channel Water

The Open Channel or River Series Flowmeter consists of a Flow calculator and the doppler flow Sensor; it measures water velocity, depth, pressure temperature, and conductivity of water flowing in rivers, streams, open channels, and partially filled pipes. When used with a companion Calculator, flow rate and total flow can also be calculated. The flow calculator can calculate the cross-sectional area of a partially filled pipe, open channel stream or river, for stream or river, with up to 20 coordinate points describing the river’s cross-section shape. It is suitable for various applications. The Velocity and Level Sensor combine water velocity, depth, pressure, conductivity, and temperature instruments integrated with a datalogger.

  • 20 points to plot the cross section of the river.
  • One instrument can measure the velocity, depth and conductivity simultaneously.
  • Velocity Range: 0.02mm/sto 12m/s bi-directional, accuracy is 1%.
  • Depth Range: 0 to 10 m.
  • Measure velocity in both forward flow and back flow.
  • Depth is measured by both the pressure sensor and ultrasonic level sensor principles.
  • With barometric pressure compensation function.
  • IP68 Epoxy-sealed body design, designed for under water installation.
  • RS485/MODBUS output, connect to computer directly.
  • Portable type with rechargeable battery can work up to 50 hours.

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