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Measurement of Ultra Pure Water has never been easier with the right instrument.

In this application, the pipes are located overhead and need to be accessed using a ladder. This also means that the flow instrument sensors and cable have to reach the installation point. The PORTALOK 7S electronics are designed to be better than an easily damaged flow meter by using the pelican protective case. Accurate measurements of pure water, drinking water, deionized water, demineralized water, and in fact any kind of water – even salt water and chemically treated water can be measured within minutes using “the easy to use” EESIFLO PORTALOK 7S Ultrasonic Clamp on Flowmeter. One of the disadvantages of a magnetic flow meter is that it requires minerals in the water in order to be able to pick-up a representatives voltage between the magnet coils. For most applications a Magmeter works well but not in liquids that contain no minerals. Water without minerals is no issue for the Portalok7S Transit Time Meter because it is sending ultrasonic waves through the pipe and liquid while these waves will still travel from sensor A to B, even without minerals.

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