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Why factories in the Philippines still use Circular Gear Flow Meters?

The reason is that they are still a trusted and economical way to obtain flow rates and to control batches in many applications. This type of technology might not be easily visible in an industrial process i.e. if you walked into a factory in Cavite or Batangas, it would not be the first instrument you see. They are small devices and not talked about very often, but they still play a major role in all types of industries in the Philippines.

What are Circular Gear Meters?

These are highly accurate positive displacement devices (similar to the Oval Gear Meter) with good repeatability and a wide range of applications and still popular as a method for measuring fuel consumption, lubrication circuit flow, hydraulics, freon, paints, adhesives, resins, lacquers and all manner of chemicals.

How do circular gear meters work?

If you understand who a gear motor works, then it is clear to see that it uses a similar principle. Everything in the mechanism is designed to be low friction so that the gears are easily turned. Using a circular gear meter is a method for measuring what some call micro flow. It is possible to detect a movement of the gear while it rotates by using pick up sensors, hence the ability to measure or detect even the tiniest movements of a liquid. Since they are often used in chemical flows, a wide range of construction materials are available, and the manufacturer can ensure that the metallurgy is compatible with the process.

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