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Wastewater Flowmeters

Why are Magnetic Flow Meters popular in wastewater applications in the Philippines? If we understand the working principle of a Magnetic Flow Meter, it becomes more obvious that they work well when minerals are present. Tap water, water from a well, drinking water, sewage and sludge all contain more than enough minerals in the water for a Faraday effect to take place. The video explanation shows how Faraday’s Law is exploited by using electromagnetic principles to measure velocity. This type of meter normally requires the pipe to be full but other options are available for partially filled pipes.

G004 Gear Flow Meter
  • Easily measure the flow of wastewater pipes  that are partially full.

    This type of flow meter is excellent for gravity flow applications in wastewater

Wastewater Flowmeters



Flow Meter designed used in partially filled pipes for wastewater flows

Where is the wastewater flow meter installed?

Normally in areas where there is a need to measure the wastewater before the treatment plant or treatment equipment. 

Can the meter measure small gravity flow of wastewater?

Yes,  the flowmeter has been designed to measure flows of water that do not fill the whole pipe area.

How does the wastewater  meter work?

The meter works by simultaneously measuring the flow rate and height of the water flow to determine the volume of water

What sizes of wastewater flowmeters are available?

The available sizes can be selected from the chart below




What is the minimum flow velocity measurement?

The minimum velocity that can be detected is 0.05 m/s

The flow meter has been designed to install on partially filled pipes from DN 200 -3000. Various flow applications exist where accountability or regulatory requirements in industrial wastewater or instances where pressure does not exist encourage the use of the flow measuring cell.


Model selections available



  • Perfect for effluent and slurries in gravity pipelines / sewers
  • High Accuracy
  • Optional versions with ingress protection for buried pipes or areas subject to flooding.
  • Plug and Play design – just install it and it works.
  • What are the most common applications for this meter?
  • Especially in  partially filled and gravity feed pipes found in the water and wastewater industry
  • What are some other applications?
  • The meters can be installed in sewage systems , wastewater treatment, rainwater storage plants, effluent, surface water discharge systems, cooling water pipes  and various chemical applications.


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