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These flowmeters are ultrasonic meters which are designed to easily quick clamp onto smaller pipes. It is possible to measure the flow rate without having to cut the pipe or stop the pump. Although in many cases an intrusive flow meter will do the job, the technician has an option to implement this kind of technology in pipe processes that cannot be interrupted. This flow solution was previously quite novel but more recently engineers have found areas in small pipe water management where the flow meter is a return on investment. 

Give us a call if you are in the Philippines and you believe that this might be a solution to an old problem. We also carry different types of Ultrasonic Flow Meters which are designed to work on small pipes and larger pipes at the same time. Since each type of ultrasonic flow meter might be using a different technique to measure the flow (depending on manufacturer’s designed) it is beneficial to consider what options are available. The user may want to consider the following or prepare information on the requirements before contacting us. This will save time and help us to select the most appropriate ultrasonic flowmeter technology.

Here are some considerations:

  1. Pipe size
  2. Pipe temperature
  3. Liquid type
  4. Flow velocity range
  5. Indoor or outdoor
  6. Mains powered or battery type

These ultrasonic flow meters come with a 4-20mA output and are Modbus compatible. We have tested them locally in the Philippines and compared them with other more advanced technologies, so we are aware of the advantages and limitations. It is better to get in touch with us and let us know your application before deciding to buy. It might be also possible to send a demonstration unit if you would like to see if it works on actual site application.

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