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Anemometers, Balometers, Capture Hoods and Air Balancing in HVAC

Traditionally air flows in a cooling system have been measured using an anemometer. This device is well known because it is simple to use and measures air speed and velocity by either using cups attached to a spinning device or a sensor that measures air velocity using the hot rod technique which is basically the foundational sensing technology for thermal flow sensors.

Engineers and technicians involved in the task of air balancing will know how to use the simple instruments mentioned in any kind of heating and cooling system. Part of their task is to spot any problems that are causing either too much or too little airflow. Apart from this, the temperature distribution in a building in the Philippines (often how cool it is) must be checked. If there is an issue and it is not cool enough, these problems can be corrected so every room gets the amount of cool air it needs.
A Balometer works like an anemometer but is more sophisticated because it captures the cool air through a capture hood. In essence, it is a type of airflow meter that resembles an air collection hood. The term “airflow hood” and “capture hood” are the same device. The air flow monitoring device is portable, and it is used to measure the flow rate of air leaving or entering the ventilation outlet of an airflow system

Those who are eager to transition to an alternative to the handheld anemometer may find it difficult to renege once they have seen how useful a balometer is in it’s functionality and some have commented:

“The balometer is precisely the only instrument capable of providing a reliable and accurate measurement on a certain type of air vent: diffusers, whose omnidirectional airflow is very difficult to measure with a conventional anemometer”.

Although the Balometer is not commonplace in the Philippines, it is slowly but surely being adopted by major corporations, not only because of the ease of use but also because of the reporting software that comes with the device.
If you would like to know more about this technology and how it can improve airflow systems, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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