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Acoustic Level Transmitters for Cebu

Hawk Level Transmitter

Apart from simply supplying flowmeters to the region of Cebu and Mindanao, our organization also provides solutions for measuring level. There are many types of level transmitters, but our focus is on the applications where other brands of level sensors struggle. These applications mainly apply to the mining industry where smoke, dirt, dust, and particles present unique challenge for level gauge manufacturers. The Philippines is rich in copper, gold, nickel, zinc and silver among other minerals.

Mining in Philippines.

Why use Acoustic Wave Level Technology?

Mining is a dusty business and for areas that are being used to move earth, rocks, solids, and minerals a special technique for measuring storage levels in containers is becoming more popular in mining areas of the Philippines. The technology is similar to ultrasonic transit time techniques, but Hawk have managed to perfect a level transmitter using lower frequencies which are called Acoustic Level Transmitters. 

Unique Pulse Piston Technology, allowing maximum distance = 150m (492ft)

One of the drawbacks previously mentioned with “run of the mill” level sensors is there in ability to work in harsh conditions. With unique pulse piston technology, mining companies ought never be concerned about losing signals from level devices due to dust and particles. This technology can be also used as an anti-collision system.

For the industries – mining & metals, food beverage, plastics, chemical, oil & gas, and water & wastewater. The Gladiator Gen 3 Microwave Switch can be used for blockage detection, barrier detection, machine detection, collision detection for protection, point level measurement, and detection of objects or material between two points.

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