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Flow-Mon Ltd was established in 1971 as a distributor of Flow Rate Indicators and Flow Switches. In 1972 the company moved to its current location in Harrogate, United Kingdom, and began manufacturing and distributing Flow Monitors.

In 1979 these products were re-designed to meet the demands of the most difficult industrial applications. In the mid 1980’s the ‘Low Flow’ (also known as ‘CC’ or ‘Piston’) unit was introduced to complete the range of products. Other products now established include the Rising Ball and Spinner style Sight Indicator, these products have been a great addition to our range and sales continue to grow year to year. The introduction of our Wafer series has gone very well with customers not only seeing a benefit in cost saving but also a unit that is easier to install. More recently has been the introduction of the Double Window Sight Glass Indicators. These products have been a great addition to our range and are satisfying customers with their superior quality. (For further details on any of these products download a Technical Data sheet, speak to a distributor or call the Flow-Mon office). teams up with UK based company Flow Mon

In October 2001, Flow-Mon were bought out by Pullman Instruments (specialists in service, repair, supply and calibration of electrical test and measurement instrumentation) with a new management team to move the company forward; Nathan Smith (Managing Director). In 2007 Flow-Mon manufactured and sold approximately 5000 flow monitors, sales have continued to grow, and Flow-Mon are now selling over 7,500 flow monitors.

We specialize in making economical, robust and user-friendly flow monitoring and switch instrumentation (for both safe and hazardous areas). With our skilled engineers and own factory, it is possible for us to make bespoke Flow Monitors, this has proven very beneficial in satisfying customers otherwise seemingly impossible Flow Monitor replacement concerns.

Our complete product range can be seen on our product page of this website. There will be some further new additions to our products very soon. From October 2001 through to the end of 2011 Flow-Mon Ltd has continued to increase our turnover and market share along with steadily changing, updating and improving our well-established products. Export sales are now reaching 80%.

In March 2006 Christian Freeman joined the company (Commercial Manager), bringing some great skills to the business. And due to the continued growth Flow-Mon have employed a new Workshop Manager, Ian Blackstone who brings 20 years engineering and management experience. The management team and all staff at Flow-Mon are committed to continue to improve quality, expand our product range and continue to steadily grow.


Water Meter
Positive-Displacement Flowmeters
Turbine Flow Meter
Vortex Flow Meter
Thermal Mass Flow Meter
Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Magnetic Flow Meter
Flow indicators and Flow Switches
Air Flow Meter
Open Channel Flow Meter
Flow Switch
Mass Gas Controllers
Level Measurement
Wastewater Flowmeters
Coriolis Flow Meter
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